Moon Flakes

MoonFlakes Photo

Interesting video effect, looks like moon flakes or moon petals

Sunday, 20 March, 2011. Last night’s full moon was the closest it’s been in 18 years. I tried to capture it on a small video camera. The effects were neat. What I saw in the electronic viewfinder was a thick wide halo. What came out here looks like moon flakes or petals flaking off. In all fairness, I realized I was shooting through a bush whose branches haven’t sprouted yet (heck, we’re way up north, somewhere around 45˚N, right around Ottawa, Ontario, Canada).

-The ‘still’ shot/clip from the video looks a little more purple than the actual video did. So the photo changes/looks different every time I do something else with it. (& I haven’t gone near photoshop yet.)

-We reached 50˚F/10˚C – last week and then dipped back into ‘brrrr’ territory. And an ex-military ‘psychic spy’ says that we do not live in one of the safer areas of Canada, but right now it’s about +2˚C/+36˚F & I can’t see any snow lingering outside the window. We’re supposed to get 5-10 cm (uh-between 1 & 4 inches?) of snow tomorrow. But today there’s the teasing possibility of Spring in the air.



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