Aerendel Game World Scripts

((( I thought I could be working on the actual game inside a state of the art game engine by now, but like everything else, as I neared actually having the amount of money I’d need to buy the game engine, they raised the price, actually quadrupled the price. 😦 )))

— One of several beginning scenarios that players can choose:

– (The scene) A Cave or underground setting, depending on what I could do with the software, sandy floor, hopefully rounded or slanted walls, so it would be comfortable to lean back against the walls, while seated on the floor.

-“You awaken from a nightmare. memories of intense pain and suffering fade into dull aches as you become aware of your surroundings. Maybe you’re still dreaming. You don’t know how you got here. “Here” is a dimly lit place. You can see stone walls, looks like a natural stone formation, reinforced in a couple places by stone walls and mortar. There are lanterns hanging from iron hardware anchored to the ‘improved’ sections of wall. The floor is sand, the ceiling is in shadow. You don’t know why, but you feel safe. There is a subtle, pleasant smell of incense in the air. Perhaps this area was a store-room for large quantities of incense. You are exhausted. You still ache all over. Sleep beckons and you let it take you.”

-“Some time has passed. Most of the aches and pains have gone. You recognize the area, Sandy floor, stone walls, lanterns…incense smell.

-“You manage to sit up, and lean back against the nearest wall. You wonder how you know that you are facing east.

-“The air tingles. you think you see subtle sparkling light dancing in the air, moving a bit and then dashing off. You almost laugh at the idea that tiny sentient beings of light are checking out the room you’re in. You are still quite tired.

-“Your senses tingle, you open your eyes, then sit up, almost alarmed.

-“There are three beings in this room with you. They feel ‘human’ but they’re wearing robes with cowled hoods that complete obscure their features. The figure to your left is dressed in black. The figure to your right is dressed in white. The one in the middle is dressed in grey, or blue-grey. The flickering lantern light doesn’t help much.

-“You can feel a question in the air, then the answer ‘Englilsh-‘ and you think one or all of the three figures asked and you’re not sure who or what answered.

-“The figure in black steps forward and raises a black gloved hand, gestures quickly, roughly, opens a fist and maybe throws something out into the room. A very dark cloud forms and rushes to fill the entire space, sucking all the light from the area, filling the air with an acrid, smoky smell that you guess might be brimstone or worse- it is difficult to breathe. The figure speaks in a loud, grating, gravelly voice, “If you wish to learn to destroy your enemies with brute force, fear, subterfuge and dark magic; then live with the spoils of all the luxuries they wasted their useless lives to accumulate, follow me!”

-“The figure in white makes a calm, sweeping gesture, a pale hand releases sparkling hints of light, and you think you hear tinkling bells as the light spreads out to reclaim the area. the subtle smell of incense returns. The voice is feminine, pleasant, almost a whisper, “If you believe that love, peace, light, healing, protecting the weak, and spreading the light of Truth are the way you want to live: come with me-”

-“The figure in the middle glances to both sides, then speaks, “If you wish to remain neutral, or wish not to commit right now, you can come with me-”

-“The middle figure’s speech is cut short by the dark figure’s angry gesture, “You MUST choose NOW!” the angry power in his voice has a nearly physical force.

-“The middle figure shakes his head, “You do not need to commit to anything right now. You never have to choose either black or white, good or evil. You never have to choose to align yourself with any middle of the road faction that might seek to balance the two extremes. If you come with me, I can give you a tour of this world, through paintings, statues and other artifacts, and give you all the time you need to decide whether to commit to anything or nothing at all.”

-“If you choose to remain here, it may be some time before we return, you will be fed, given blankets, shown where to bathe and where to sleep. You may meet others who find themselves here. You may see other emissaries of darkness, light and in-between- and they may be able to help you commit, they may have less influence, they may not be able to give you the help that one of us can- but we will find you again if you need more time.”

-“You realize you have four choices: Commit to darkness, Commit to light, Commit to neutrality, or take the tour.”


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