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Snow is more than a 4 letter word.

Just ask this guy-

Jassper likes the white stuff.

I’m thinking this winter is going to be a sonofagun, even if it got off to a slow start.

Typical back yard in Arnprior? 14 December,2010.

-ah well, we will wait and see….



C2C-AM, Positive Visions and Weird Dreams

9:05 AM 01/04/2009 (January 4th, 2009)

Last Night On Coast To Coast AM, Ian Punnett Interviewed a guy who had a much more positive vision of the future than most of the people who have been forecasting what the immediated future holds in store for us, Especially those of us in the U.S. (and maybe north america).

This guy’s angle on things involves his keeping his finger on the pulse of emerging new technologies, like the carbon fibre nano-tech breakthrough that is developing a synthetic paper that is lighter and stronger than steel. (I was wondering why nobody asked if it was flammable.) But they were talking aout being able to build cars that would take much less fuel and create building material that they could wrap around aging bridges to shore them up against the rust that is probably eating away at their structural viability.

Then I fell asleep on the couch and dreamed I accidentally cut my favourite cat’s head off, I then had him flash frozen and was racing the pieces of him to a vet to have them sewn back together, and when I woke up, went and found him to make sure he was still alive and okay. He’s currently curled up in my spot on the bed behind me.

We went to see Rob and Vic last night, I was impressed by the evening star that was glowing brightly in front of us. Then I grew slightly paranoid, thinking MIBs were following us as we turned onto a not very heavily travelled road and the vehicle which had been behind us, speeding up when I sped up and slowing down when I slowed down, turned onto that road behind us.

Then I forgot the name of the “Quadrantids” meteor shower, which Rob and Vic had seen, and I also forgot the name of the web page/organization that “Block and Bird” belong to, it is not EarthStar dot Org. it’s earth something something dot org. ((

-tough to get older and feel your over-flowing memory begin to fail to hang on to things that you think should have been easy to memorize-



Bad Moe

Jassper the dog is in dogatory (dog purgatory) ((His “iCrate”)).

He doesn’t want to be there.

He’s been all over “Mommy” on the couch, putting his paw on her leg and looking at me, as if to say, “hah hah, I’m in, you’re out-” nyaa nyaa-

Mommy (Cathi) is trying to do computer stuff on her laptop and battling with the dog is a major distraction.

I wanted to sit beside her with my laptop and do this, and maybe more- let’s see how the vibes go – And I would not be able to do this with a dog trying to insert his nose between my fingers and the the keyboard. I wouldn’t get anything done with the dog trying to climb onto my lap.

So I told him he’d be going into the crate, and he said, “oh, are we going outside?” and I let him outside.

Then I thought he scratched the screen on the window about 4 feet from the door, (where he often sits and watches us  to see if we’re getting ourselves  some food or getting him some food.)  Cathi said he actually scratches  the wood not the screen.

But anyway, I let the dog in and got him some peanuts and he willingly walked into his crate (where he gets the peanuts and other goodies) and I closed the door and locked him in.

After one bite, he realized that his addiction to peanuts had done him in again, and stopped biting, stopped chewing, and stared at the closed and locked door.

Moe came over and rubbed himself on the outside of the closed and locked door.

Bad kitty, he was certainly rubbing it in.

Happy new year.


Last Sunday…..

Jassper and Proud Cathi @ graduation

Jassper graduated his beginner training classes. (We graduated as much as he did.)

I’m thinking he will miss his sweet heart, Cloe (pronounced like Cloa-wee, for all uv youse what never heard the name pronounced correctly…. )(wink)

Moose, Cloe, Brooklyn & Jassper (Bruiser couldn't make it...)

This is not the official class photo. (Moose, Cloe, Brooklyn, Jassper)(Bruiser was busily on holiday) The teacher/trainer got me in the official photo with Cathi, Ben and Jasser after I zoomed in to physically pick him up when he decided it was time to become a dedicated lump of inanimate flesh on the floor.

More later….(?)