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Snow is more than a 4 letter word.

Just ask this guy-

Jassper likes the white stuff.

I’m thinking this winter is going to be a sonofagun, even if it got off to a slow start.

Typical back yard in Arnprior? 14 December,2010.

-ah well, we will wait and see….



Photos et cetera

Cathi Smiling through the back door's window

Cathi smiling throught the backdoor's window. May 26, 2010

It’s been a while since I stole the time to do anything like update the postings here.

Unexpected flowers

Unexpected flowers on a bush or tree with varigated leaves.

I’m not sure what kind of bush or tree this is, but Cathi got it for its varigated leaves and we’re pretty much happily surprised when our plants survive a winter and this one’s been with us through a couple winters, and this spring, it’s flowering. (happy smile).

Front Porch

Our Front Porch on a Grey Morning. June 3rd, 2010

Cathi couldn’t stand having a ‘normal’ grass front yard and started planting flowers the first year we were here. There is a bit of a sidewalk in from the driveway (often called a ‘laneway’ up here) but we have a note beside the front door, “PLease use back door” and if anybody tries to sell us one of their snar energy plans we can threaten to let the dog loose. (He’d probably try to lick them to death, but a bounding- over energetic Large Lab “Puppy Horse” could probably scare a confirmed con artist into going straight… well, at least scare them back down the laneway.)

The Weir.

The Weir on a Grey Morning in Arnprior

A ‘weir’ is a curved dam. This weir is on the Madawaska River in Arnprior. The island is where the fire department volunteers set off the fireworks on Canada Day (July First). -Love the dramatic curves.

Church and Construction Northwest across the Madawaska

Weir and Island to the left, Church and Construction across the river.

Looking just a bit west of Due North across the mighty Madawaska (The Weir is just out of sight to the left). The Church is Saint John Chyrstostom’s. (sp? It’s spelled differently every time I see it listed anywhere.) and the Construction at the river’s edge is a waste water treatment plant expanding. Local Members of Parliament got in big trouble by ceremoniously presenting cheques that tried to advertise the Conservative Party and prominently displayed their own names, as if the largess was all theirs and the funds hadn’t come from everybody’s tax money and had to be approved by Members of Parliament from all kinds of political striping. (How’s that from bad grammar?)

Toward the Mouth of the Madawaska

The Madawaska flows into the Ottawa River at Chats Lake beyond the trees.

Looking slightly East of North (I think). Construction to the left across the water, beyond the trees on that side there is a park and a beach on Chats Lake. Jutting out into the river on this side is a boat club, another park, and a rocky point. Chats Lake is a pretty darn wide section of the Ottawa River. I’m thinking it’s at least a mile wide here. Quebec on the other side.