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Snow is more than a 4 letter word.

Just ask this guy-

Jassper likes the white stuff.

I’m thinking this winter is going to be a sonofagun, even if it got off to a slow start.

Typical back yard in Arnprior? 14 December,2010.

-ah well, we will wait and see….



Catching up-

Monday, August 30, 2010. 29˚C / 85˚F @ 2 pm.

Yeah, I’ve been busy.

Anyway. (George Clooney is accepting a humanitarian award on the taped version of last night’s Emmy Awards. (I didn’t watch it live. Not really all that interested.) )

Below, Is a photo of me trying to get into character, more or less, for shooting video at Arnprior’s big “The Prince and the Prior” event.

Auditioning looks for the Prince & the Prior.

(I actually didn’t use the hat during the shoot. I wore the TVCOGECO white hat that day.)

I could get a job as a garden gnome.

Yeah, I was stricken at how gnome like I look in this photo, which is of me trying to keep the dog from bouncing around at least 3 feet off the floor.

Jim "Before" August 19, 2010

I thought I’d take a photo of me before I trimmed the beard and coloured it.

Jim "After" August 19, 2010.

This is me after the trim. Funny thing is, nobody said anything for a couple days. Then somebody thought I looked different because I’d gone out in public without tying back my hair first. Reactions I noticed, though: Women who wouldn’t give me a second look when I looked closer to my age were suddenly giving me second, third and fourth looks.

Office Area. Before.

I spent about five hours (or more) in the wee hours of this morning, trying to rearrange my computer area. My creative work space is just not working at all.

Office Area, August 30, 2010. "After'

Did the rearrangement work? I don’t know, but I am sitting here doing something, I’ve felt like doing a couple things in the last couple months, but when I sat down, just couldn’t get around to it.

After the rearrangement, I actually got outside into the sauna like atmosphere and banged a few nails into getting our front porch project a little closer to fruition (froo ishun?) ((I must have spelled it right, there aren’t any red dots beneath the word.))



Happy New Year.

Yes, we’re still here.

Working on lots of things

and somehow

managing to






Grumble Grumble

-Okay, I’m quirky.

-I’m not a follower. I don’t consider myself a trend-setter. I don’t expect anyone to like or adopt my tastes or values.

– I don’t expect anyone to try to ram their values or tastes down my throat. And I hope that anyone who tries doesn’t believe I will let them get away with that.

– I have Mac computers. Several of them. And more than one are usually on and connected through a home network at once. I often have one playing a podcast or an internet radio show. I may be doing something work related with a second, and if that work is taking time, I may even be playing a game on a third while it sits there waiting for email or even and Instant Message if I’m feeling particularly adventurous.

-I (usually) like firefox and almost always use it for my browser.

– i don’t like the standard plain vanilla theme it comes with.

-I do like the glowy themes, blue and green particularly. (And I try to keep a different theme on each hard drive, so if I’m dealing with more than one computer at a time, I’ll know which computer I’m typing into by the theme it’s displaying?)

-I do not like and will not upgrade to Firefox version 2. (for the stupid ‘reason’ that I hate right clicking to open a new window, if I wanted to right click to open a new window with a link I could give myself a lobotomy and downgrade my existance to sub human and settle for a windows piece of shi—p computer.)

-So you may be able to conclude that I also refuse to ‘upgrade’ to firefox version 3.

-If you have reached that conclusion, you are right.

-Now I just signed up to be able to post reviews and/or comments on the firefox addon boards.

-it’s new year’s eve.

-I tried to post a review.

-it told me to go to my email and follow the ‘click here to confirm’ your registration snarr.

-I did.

-I clicked there to confirm my registration snarr and sat there while firefox tried to confirm my confirmation.

-when the colourful beach ball stopped spinning and the page started to load it started off with, “Invalid Confirmation Code”.

-I tried the ‘copy this entire link and paste it in your browser’ b.s. and that didn’t work either. == Invalid confirmation code. ==

-Ya know, it’s painful watching the human race self destruct. Everybody racing as fast as they can to make their own lives as miserable as possible, and then some…. then racing even harder to make the lives of everyone around them as miserable as possible.

—Woldn’t it be nice if this year all of a sudden everybody woke up and realized they don’t want to make themselves and everybody else miserable?

— Am I halucinating the chorus to Aerosmith’s “Dream On-” ?

— Probably.

Happy New Year.

Don’t blow the opportunity to make this life liveable, okay?


There is no Gas Crisis.

A friend of mine send me this:


We don’t need no stinkin corporate extortionists squeezing money out of us under the pretext that there is a world wide crisis in the supply of crude oil.

The cover of Lindsey Williams' Book

Above is the cover of a book written by a Baptist Chaplain whose missionary soul led him to volunteer to try to save souls (and lives) and encourage moral strength among those who were working on the Alaska Pipe Line. The oil company was very happy that they had someone up there, working for free, helping their bottom line by encouraging their workers not to get drunk and miss the next day’s work, or perform beneath their usual capacity due to hang-overs; or not to catch social diseases and miss more time or maybe even cost the company medical expenses, or drive their medical insurance premiums higher…. that they, the company, made the Chaplain an honorary officer of their corporation.

A high powered motivational speaker came to talk to the supervisors in the field, and one of the top supervisors in the area figured that since the Chaplain was an honorary corporate officer, he should be invited too.

The hot shot speaker came in and said, “There is no energy crisis. There never was any energy crisis. And from what we nknow now, there never will be an energy crisis.” The speaker went on to boast that there was enough oil under Gull Island in Alaska to drive gasoline prices back under a dollar per gallon (US) ((about 25 cents per litre Canadian)). The company was pumping enough natural gas back into the ground up there to light the entire East Coast of the US – free – for a hundred years.

The Alaskan pipeline is set up to handle three times its current volume. But they don’t want you to know that. They don’t want you to know that there is more oil stored in ‘strategic reserves’ than ever before and that oil companies are receiving (and recording) record high profits.

The Chaplain was upset about the deceit being perpetrated by the oil company and started talking about it. His talks were listened to with such fervor that he took the advice that a lot of people were giving him and wrote a book.

When the oil company executives heard about the book and read it, they were so pleased they sent out cries of, “Bring me the head of the moron who invited this guy to that meeting!” And, when they found out which executive had mistakenly believed them when they said they wanted all their officers present (and nobody had said that honorary officers should be excluded) They fired their executive. The fired executive was so pleased with being fired that he read the Chaplain’s book and offered his services to correct a couple points that weren’t 1,000% accurate and supplied the corrected specs, etc.

But don’t just take my word for it. Get the book and read it. Do google searches on research that the energy crisis is a complete fabrication.

Write your elected officials demanding that oil company executives be held responsible. Demand that elected officials who are ‘in the pockets’ of oil companies be held accountable.

Demand that technology that the oil companies have squashed be released. We don’t need no stinkin gasoline driven rust buckets. What we’re seeing on our streets is actually obsolete technology being ‘kept alive’ by ‘beedy grastards’ who are having a great time lying to you, manipulating your fears, making bigger profits than ever and getting away with telling you that supplies are at an all time low when they’re at an all time high.

You might also want to fire up your favourite search engine and look for “The Black Gold Stranglehold” by Jerome Corsi and Craig R Smith (read both sides of the argument, make up your own mind.)

And do another search on “Abiotic Oil” – read about the theory that oil is not just the bi-product of rotting dinosaurs, but may be a naturally occuring substance that this planet (and others, some that probably never had any kind of life on them) produces in much greater quantities than any oil company executive (and many shareholders) want you to learn about.

I don’t know, excuse me, I don’t have a really good wrap up for this rant…. I don’t have all the answers, I’m not sure I have any answers at all. Maybe I’ll buy myself a bicycle.

Maybe I should just bounce this issue out in front of you and let you chase it for a while- Tell me if you come to the same conclusion I came to.


-dj otterson


& I think I’ll leave it at that, maybe pick it up and run with it later…

(shrug) but it rings true in my ears…


Better Font- Better Look?

I did like the look of the photo in the header of this blog’s previous incarnation, but-

And Now I have a slightly altered photo of Moe in this header. (Yum!)

Pretty soon I can sit back and smile and think I actually got something done here….

Yay! Now how do I tell it to keep this colour for the font?




yabutta yabutta….


how do you cut Zees in Canada? Cutting Zeds sounds like way too much work….

It’s Tommy’s Birthday, and Julia’s too.! woa, May is becoming as loaded as March used to be for birfdays….

But, um, how do I tell this thing that I detest this font????  {{ *** uh, we fixed that problem by changing to a different template that has a font I like… You don’t see the font I didn’t like… yay… jrw }}