Catching up-

Monday, August 30, 2010. 29˚C / 85˚F @ 2 pm.

Yeah, I’ve been busy.

Anyway. (George Clooney is accepting a humanitarian award on the taped version of last night’s Emmy Awards. (I didn’t watch it live. Not really all that interested.) )

Below, Is a photo of me trying to get into character, more or less, for shooting video at Arnprior’s big “The Prince and the Prior” event.

Auditioning looks for the Prince & the Prior.

(I actually didn’t use the hat during the shoot. I wore the TVCOGECO white hat that day.)

I could get a job as a garden gnome.

Yeah, I was stricken at how gnome like I look in this photo, which is of me trying to keep the dog from bouncing around at least 3 feet off the floor.

Jim "Before" August 19, 2010

I thought I’d take a photo of me before I trimmed the beard and coloured it.

Jim "After" August 19, 2010.

This is me after the trim. Funny thing is, nobody said anything for a couple days. Then somebody thought I looked different because I’d gone out in public without tying back my hair first. Reactions I noticed, though: Women who wouldn’t give me a second look when I looked closer to my age were suddenly giving me second, third and fourth looks.

Office Area. Before.

I spent about five hours (or more) in the wee hours of this morning, trying to rearrange my computer area. My creative work space is just not working at all.

Office Area, August 30, 2010. "After'

Did the rearrangement work? I don’t know, but I am sitting here doing something, I’ve felt like doing a couple things in the last couple months, but when I sat down, just couldn’t get around to it.

After the rearrangement, I actually got outside into the sauna like atmosphere and banged a few nails into getting our front porch project a little closer to fruition (froo ishun?) ((I must have spelled it right, there aren’t any red dots beneath the word.))




Photos et cetera

Cathi Smiling through the back door's window

Cathi smiling throught the backdoor's window. May 26, 2010

It’s been a while since I stole the time to do anything like update the postings here.

Unexpected flowers

Unexpected flowers on a bush or tree with varigated leaves.

I’m not sure what kind of bush or tree this is, but Cathi got it for its varigated leaves and we’re pretty much happily surprised when our plants survive a winter and this one’s been with us through a couple winters, and this spring, it’s flowering. (happy smile).

Front Porch

Our Front Porch on a Grey Morning. June 3rd, 2010

Cathi couldn’t stand having a ‘normal’ grass front yard and started planting flowers the first year we were here. There is a bit of a sidewalk in from the driveway (often called a ‘laneway’ up here) but we have a note beside the front door, “PLease use back door” and if anybody tries to sell us one of their snar energy plans we can threaten to let the dog loose. (He’d probably try to lick them to death, but a bounding- over energetic Large Lab “Puppy Horse” could probably scare a confirmed con artist into going straight… well, at least scare them back down the laneway.)

The Weir.

The Weir on a Grey Morning in Arnprior

A ‘weir’ is a curved dam. This weir is on the Madawaska River in Arnprior. The island is where the fire department volunteers set off the fireworks on Canada Day (July First). -Love the dramatic curves.

Church and Construction Northwest across the Madawaska

Weir and Island to the left, Church and Construction across the river.

Looking just a bit west of Due North across the mighty Madawaska (The Weir is just out of sight to the left). The Church is Saint John Chyrstostom’s. (sp? It’s spelled differently every time I see it listed anywhere.) and the Construction at the river’s edge is a waste water treatment plant expanding. Local Members of Parliament got in big trouble by ceremoniously presenting cheques that tried to advertise the Conservative Party and prominently displayed their own names, as if the largess was all theirs and the funds hadn’t come from everybody’s tax money and had to be approved by Members of Parliament from all kinds of political striping. (How’s that from bad grammar?)

Toward the Mouth of the Madawaska

The Madawaska flows into the Ottawa River at Chats Lake beyond the trees.

Looking slightly East of North (I think). Construction to the left across the water, beyond the trees on that side there is a park and a beach on Chats Lake. Jutting out into the river on this side is a boat club, another park, and a rocky point. Chats Lake is a pretty darn wide section of the Ottawa River. I’m thinking it’s at least a mile wide here. Quebec on the other side.


Happy New Year.

Yes, we’re still here.

Working on lots of things

and somehow

managing to






C2C-AM, Positive Visions and Weird Dreams

9:05 AM 01/04/2009 (January 4th, 2009)

Last Night On Coast To Coast AM, Ian Punnett Interviewed a guy who had a much more positive vision of the future than most of the people who have been forecasting what the immediated future holds in store for us, Especially those of us in the U.S. (and maybe north america).

This guy’s angle on things involves his keeping his finger on the pulse of emerging new technologies, like the carbon fibre nano-tech breakthrough that is developing a synthetic paper that is lighter and stronger than steel. (I was wondering why nobody asked if it was flammable.) But they were talking aout being able to build cars that would take much less fuel and create building material that they could wrap around aging bridges to shore them up against the rust that is probably eating away at their structural viability.

Then I fell asleep on the couch and dreamed I accidentally cut my favourite cat’s head off, I then had him flash frozen and was racing the pieces of him to a vet to have them sewn back together, and when I woke up, went and found him to make sure he was still alive and okay. He’s currently curled up in my spot on the bed behind me.

We went to see Rob and Vic last night, I was impressed by the evening star that was glowing brightly in front of us. Then I grew slightly paranoid, thinking MIBs were following us as we turned onto a not very heavily travelled road and the vehicle which had been behind us, speeding up when I sped up and slowing down when I slowed down, turned onto that road behind us.

Then I forgot the name of the “Quadrantids” meteor shower, which Rob and Vic had seen, and I also forgot the name of the web page/organization that “Block and Bird” belong to, it is not EarthStar dot Org. it’s earth something something dot org. ((

-tough to get older and feel your over-flowing memory begin to fail to hang on to things that you think should have been easy to memorize-



Oh, I forgot-

We are now a two gps fambly-

Amd I found out we live at

45˚N 21.215′

76˚W 21.907′



11:11 on 2 January, 2009


I pried myself out of bed
and managed to plod all the way downstairs,
Pausing only once to grumble “Schnarr!”-
Thinkin we missed the reycling deadline time.

With one eye open
I noticed the time

11:11 (am)

watch what you dream about
you are creating your reality

with each thought.




I’ve been listening to several people predicting stuff for the year 2009.

These people are professional predict-ers.

There are some who use Astrology, some who say they get their predictions from angels or spirits.

One guy has web bots listening to language changes on the internet.

Some of them obviously have their agenda.

One I like the best said he didn’t want to encourage an atmosphere of fear, so he didn’t want to name names of celebrities that he’s seen having a less than wonderful year.

Then a couple guys later, one with an agenda was talking about the economy collapsing and things becoming much worse than they became during the ‘Great Depression’ of the 1930’s.

I believe that, if we want to, we can watch the way things used to be done — fall away, and jump in to support each other, (“come together”) to have the world work a whole lot better than it has for ages.